Honor of Kings Popular Online Game 2024

Honor of Kings Popular Online Game 2024

The Honor of Kings game is a MOBA game published by Tencent Games in 2015 in China and developed by TiM Studio Group. It cannot be denied that Honor of Kings is one of the most popular smartphone online games in China and Taiwan. Every day there are tens of millions of active players who enliven the online gaming industry. Because it has become a phenomenon after the release of the Honor of Kings game in that country, now this game has become the biggest professional online Esports game presented in China.

At first glance, the Honor of Kings game is very similar to similar games such as Mobile Legends which is popular in Indonesia. When compared, of course the Honor of Kings game is better and more interesting to try. The graphics and image effects presented in the game will of course really amaze the players. Guaranteed! You won’t get bored easily and can spend longer playing this game without realizing it. There are also a lot of heroes presented in Honor of Kings with the support of special and luxurious Hero skins in every gamer’s eyes.

Even though it was published in 2015 in China, the Honor of Kings game is planning for a global release in 2022. However, it has just been reported that in 2024 the Honor of Kings game will get an official release in Brazil in March, and in Indonesia it will not be long before it is released. in Playstore and Appstore.

Honor of Kings Game Release Date Leaked

You definitely can’t wait for the release of the Honor of Kings game in Indonesia, right? There is a small leak from the account managed by the Honor of Kings community regarding the release of the trial which will be expanded to Turkey and certain countries in the CIS, Middle East and North Africa. This news was leaked on January 5, 2024. Sure enough, on February 21 2024, Turkey and Saudi Arabia had access to the Honor of Kings game. Meanwhile, several countries such as the United States, England, Canada, Australia and several other regional countries will receive an official release on June 20 2024. So, when will the Honor of Kings game be released in Indonesia?

For gamers who already know the information about Honor of Kings, they will definitely be very enthusiastic about continuing to wait for its release. In the application, the online game download provider App-store has scheduled the presence of the Honor of Kings game on June 20 2024. This is very different from the Play-store which until now has not provided any description or signs of the presence of this phenomenal game. If it is true that on June 20 2024 the App-store will display the game Honor of Kings, then it is very likely that the Play-store will also present this game at a close distance.

So, is the Honor of Kings game able to attract the hearts and attention of Indonesian gamers compared to games like Mobile Legends? What is certain is that the Honor of Kings game is being eagerly awaited and will become an additional favorite mobile online game for Indonesian teenagers. Stay tuned for updated news regarding Honor of Kings so you don’t miss out and can join as soon as the release arrives. News and information about the best online games for Android and iOS versions can also be obtained through online game collections or prediksi parlay sites and bocoran bola jitu hari ini.

Apart from that, you can also watch Honor of Kings game footage via the YouTube channel.